What are the Carmazzi Real Estate property management fees?

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Our fees are fair and competitive with a summary of the basic fees as follows:

  • Leasing Fee: 50% of one month’s gross rent (minimum $500); $150 for lease extensions.
  • Management: $100/month; For Multi-unit properties up to four units, $75 per unit (ie, $150/month for a duplex, $225/month for triplex, $300/month for a quad).
  • Preparing Property for Rent: Owner’s responsibility, otherwise $75/hour if Carmazzi Real Estate manages repairs and cleaning.
  • Advertising Fee: $100
  • Evictions: Broker serves 3-Day Notice to Quit or Pay for $50; Owner responsible for all attorney fees and court costs.

You can request a sample property management agreement by e-mailing [email protected], or calling the office during normal business hours at (916) 736-1417.